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Rowena McIntosh is an accredited family lawyer mediator. Many couples choose mediation. Here they can sit together with the mediator and openly discuss all aspects of their separation, including arrangements in respect of children and finances both in relation to the division of matrimonial property and financial provision moving forward. Mediation facilitates parties to consider all aspects, including each other's proposals, all options and to find solutions best suited to their individual needs and interest, family needs and those of their children. 


Many couples wish to resolve their arrangements on separation amicably and flexibly, and mediation is an excellent way of doing so. In mediation, it is the couple who are in control of all decisions. You and your partner, or spouse, will make informed decisions as to how to move forward. In mediation, we enable you to express your aims and aspirations for the future for yourselves, and if applicable, for your children. Mediation will assist you to look at all aspects of the future, from both of your points of view. 


In mediation, you enter into a contract agreeing to resolve the issues by mediating together, and not referring matters to Court. Mediation is very much an enabling process, enabling you and your partner to consider arrangements for your children, for their future and for both of your futures. When couples separate, often there are more financial restraints than there have been. For example, there will be a necessity for two homes to be sustained, with all of the additional expense. At mediation, you are able to consider how best to arrange both of your finances and incomes to provide best for the children and for yourselves. At mediation, we will provide as many options for you to consider, but the decision as to how to proceed is for you as a couple. Sometimes in mediation, the agreements reached are very different from that which might have been anticipated. As an Accredited Family Law Mediator and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Rowena McIntosh will produce as many options for you to consider as is possible.

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