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The breakdown of any relationship can be one of the most distressing and stressful events in life. We are here to provide experienced specialist legal advice and support to assist you. We will advise regarding the division of property, providing and considering various options available to you. We aim to ensure that you achieve an agreement as swiftly and amicably as possible.

When a relationship breaks down, and parties separate, it can be a desperately unhappy, upsetting and fraught time. It may seem as if your entire world is falling apart. Separation from a loved one is profoundly distressing and may even seem insurmountable. Worries about financial security loom large. We are here to help. We recognise how frightening your future may look. We are here to listen, support you and address all concerns for the future. Our wealth of experience in Family Law means that we are well placed to provide accredited Family Law Specialist advice regarding contact and residence arrangements for children, always recognising that what is in their best interests is paramount. We will address the financial issues regarding ongoing income and expenditure, and division of the matrimonial assets and liabilities. We will always reality test any proposals to ensure that they are practicable and the best way forward. Accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a Family Law Specialist and Family Law Mediator, and as a member of the Family Law Association, Consensus Collaboration Scotland, and CALM Lawyer Mediators, Rowena McIntosh has extensive experience in Family Law.

At an emotional time, making arrangements and agreements regarding finances can be even more challenging than usual. There will be two homes to finance. We can help to advise in relation to the practical financial arrangements. The matrimonial property requires to be divided in a fair and equitable way. There are some factors that can determine that the division should not be equal. Valuations of all assets and liabilities will usually be required, and it may be necessary to consider the source of any funds used to purchase matrimonial assets, including gifts and inheritances. We can provide specialist advice in this regard. It is also necessary to test affordability moving forward. How will the necessary costs be budgeted for? A Minute of Agreement for separation is usually drawn up once an agreement is reached. This regulates all of the financial arrangements between the parties. As these agreements are legally binding, it is important to obtain independent legal advice.

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